Urban Nature: Blocks 7 and 8

Here are blocks 7 and 8.  Block 7 took a ridiculous amount of time…something like 1.5 hours, yes hours!  The fabric was so stretchy.  I pieced all 4 sides of the green frame pieces with no problem.  I then pieced the top and bottom cream pieces with no problem.  I cut the left and right cream pieces to the correct size, but then when I sewed them on somehow I was coming out short.  So I removed all those stitches and resewed and it happened again!  By the third time I realized that the green fabric was stretching while I sewed which made the block longer than the cream fabric.  Once I figured this out I pinned the cream fabric liberally to the green fabric, and then resewed.  Boy am I glad that block is done!

8 down and 17 more to go. 🙂




Blocks 1-8

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Urban Nature: Blocks 1 and 2

After much thought and careful planning, I’ve designed the pattern for the Urban Nature quilt.  The quilt will be made up of 25 blocks, and each block has a finished measurement of 19 inches.  The blocks will be set 5 by 5 to get a 95×95 quilt top.

The fabric pieces were all different sizes, so I cut the pieces to get 25 focus fabric pieces.  I’m then framing each focus fabric with a neutral color of cream, browns, or greens to create an unfinished block of 19.5 inches.

So far I have 8 blocks finished, and here are photos of the first two blocks:



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Urban Nature

My sister-in-law, Jen, asked me to make a quilt for her and my brother-in-law.  They just moved into a new house, and they now have a guest room, and she would like a queen sized quilt for the guest bed.  Of course I am so honored that she likes my work enough to ask me to make it, but I have to admit I’m a bit nervous.  One, I’ve never made anything that big before, two there is no pattern for the quilt, and of course I hope the finished product meets whatever vision she has in her head about what it will look like.

She bought some beautiful scrap fabric –mostly linen and linen and cotton blends.  Did I mention I’ve never sewn with linen before?



Anyway, the scraps are all hand painted with a flower.




I ‘ve been thinking about how to design this quilt for days now, and I think I’ve finally designed the pattern.  It’s going to be pretty modern blocks that highlight the hand painted fabrics.  And it’s going to be 95 x 95.  She asked for 90 x 90, but I’m making it bigger to account for some shrinkage.

The name of the quilt is: Urban Nature.

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