China Blue: Done

I just love how this quilt turned out!  And I’m excited to deliver it in person!  Woohoo!! 🙂  China Blue is done!  It has a post wash measurement of 56 x 67.

I also really like the back, and I’ll admit that it was a mistake…the rectangle block of the 5 x 5 squares was supposed to be a square, and it wasn’t until after I finished the quilting that I realized it was a rectangle.  Oops…but that’s fine, because I like it lots!

China Blue: Basted

The China Blue quilt is now basted.  Woohoo!!  I’m hoping to get some serious quilting done in the next few days as the hubby will be on a business trip.  I think that’s why my quilting has been in a slump…hubby has been home!!!  As much as I love him being home with us, it will be nice to get some quiet quilting done too! 🙂

China Blue

I’ve been collecting blue and white fabric for a while with the intentions of making something with it…someday.  But I decided the other night, that I just needed to start something new and different.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

I think I’ll call it China Blue because it reminds me of fine china…probably because my fine china pattern is blue and white.

I feel like the layout is a constant work in progress, but then again isn’t it always?  Every time I go upstairs I rearrange it just a bit.