Dearest Loyal Commenters

Dearest loyal commenters,

I have been bombarded with spam, and my hubby tried to fix the problem, but I just realized that all my loyal commenters’ comments went into the spam file.  So sorry!  I tried to pull all the real comments out of the 3,000+ spam comments, but I do apologize if I missed your comment.

My hubby promises that he’s fixed the problem, so now when you hit the submit comment button you’ll see a box where you have type in some nonsense letters.

Here’s to no more spam problems!!!!!

30’s Squared

I am so in love with this quilt!!!  The pattern is so easy, I and am loving it.  It simply uses a layer cake plus yardage, and since I’m always looking for patterns to use with layer cakes, this one is definitely a keeper.

The post wash measurement is 52 x 63.

For the label I incorporated it into the backing design.  I used a Sharpie and wrote on the white fabric.

I don’t often get pictures of my finished quilts with their recipients, but I am hand delivering this quilt to the recipients tomorrow, so hopefully when I get back from vacation I’ll post some pictures of the hopefully delighted recipients with their quilt.

IE Issues

If you are looking at this site on Internet Explorer there are issues with the pictures, and it makes the site look pretty bad.  I use Firefox, and my web designer guru (aka my awesome hubby named Steve) uses Chrome, and the website looks as it should in those browsers.

Hopefully we can these issues resolved soon! 🙂