Thinking About a King Sized Quilt

A queen sized quilt is the biggest quilt I’ve ever made.  It was a lot of work, but it was also very rewarding.  It’s been about 1 year since I’ve finished that quilt, and now I’ve got the itch to do something big all over again.  But this time I’ve got my eyes on making a KING sized quilt for my bed!  Am I crazy?

So here I am curled up under a quilt, with the fire in the background, and reading up about quilting large quilts.  I must admit it is intimidating, but I think I may just go for it.  I toyed with the idea of just making the quilt top and sending it out to be quilted, but part of me wants to accomplish this daunting task so that I can say this quilt is made 100% by me (and my beloved sewing machine).

I started collecting the Al Fresco line by Marcus Fabrics about 18 months ago.  I got the fat quarters and yardage that I have out this morning and looked at them (and petted them 😉 ), and then I went through one of my over flow drawers (read: hubby doesn’t utilize one of his dresser drawers to its capacity, so I sort of stash fabric there) looking for something else and discovered that I have an additional 16 fat quarters!  I did a happy dance!!  Not to self: look at fabric more often to have a better idea of what I actually have.

Fat Quarters

So here we are.  Do I attempt this task?  I just may, and since I just ordered some extra wide backing just for this project, that may be the incentive I need to actually do this!

Now I’m asking for a little bit of help.  I’m using a pattern by Atkinson Designs in the Happy Hour pattern book, and the cover picture is of the blocks that are 14.5 inches, but there’s also a pattern for 9 inch blocks.  Shall I go the 9 inch route or 14.5 inch route?  The 9 inch blocks would mean I need 143 blocks and the 14.5 inch blocks would mean I need 56 blocks.  I’m thinking that the 14.5 inch blocks would be easier because there would be fewer seams, thus less quilt weight, but I do love the look of the smaller blocks.  So what do  you think I should do, the 9 inch blocks or the 14.5 inch blocks?

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  • Jen

    I think the 14.5 inch blocks. Only because it would be less. And your fabrics are awesome! So with the larger blocks it will showcase them more. Either way will look great, but since it’s so big, i’d go with the one that is a little less work! i’m going to make a king size quilt too. But I must be crazy b/c I never even really gave it much concern about it being a king size. That may change when i actually get to doing it!! Good luck!!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for your input Jen!

    Good luck to you too! Are you going to quilt your king yourself or send it out for quilting?

  • I just saw your blog while hunting around online … I am a newbie to quilting, too! – I’m more new than you, though – i just made my first quilt … I’m ITCHING to get my hands on so many different fabrics, but I’m trying to pace myself!

    Anyway, I think you should go for the King size quilt – I think quilting it yourself would be awesome. but I also think you can make that decision later – put the time into piecing it together and go from there.

    How nice to lay in bed under you quilt knowing that you made that! Goodluck! Love the fabric!

  • Laura, good job making your first quilt…I think quilting is an addiction, so watch out!!!! :) Thanks for the encouragement to go ahead and make the king size quilt. I’ll definitely be embarking on that challenge soon, especially since I already have the fabric for it and with cotton prices beginning to soar, I think I’ll be making lots more quilts from fabric I already have. Great push to use up my ever growing stash!!!!

    Happy quilting! :)

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