Ellie’s Blush Quilt

My 5 year old princess has gotten really interested in quilting, and she said she wants to make a quilt.  Wanting to nurture this interest I decided to pull out a layer cake (Blush by Basic Grey for Moda) I already have and let her arrange the squares any way she wanted.  She’s helped me arrange blocks before, but she was so excited about this being her quilt.  I did give her a few tips about not putting all the squares that are similar in color together.  She wanted me to help her with the first few squares, and then she wanted me to go back to my sewing machine and work on something else while she finished arranging the squares.

Princess Ellie’s layout.

She loved every minute of it, and she did a great job!!!

She “helped” me sew the squares together into rows and then sew the rows together, and by “help” I mean she stood right in front of me as I sewed.  One of these days I’m going to give her some fabric and let her practice sewing.

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  • Aunt Patty

    OOOOOH Rachel, Absolutely loving your quilts. Erin just called me so thrilled with Sandy Dunes so I right away had to check it out . What an amazing gift. Your work is fantastic. LLLLLove the baby one right after Erins, cant to go back to recall what the name is because Im afraid Ill lose this reply page.(im still a novice at computer stuff. well, not so much a novice as I am a special needs) I just dont understand how you could possibly do such random, but evenly spaced quilting. and how prolific. You must spend 23 hours a day at your machine. Darling pic of Ellie and how wonderful allowing her to be creative. I let erin try hand quilting on a hoop when she was about that age. I let her start on a 60s quilt top that my mother-in-laws friend gave me.(browns and olives and some god-awful prints)Silly me. I didnt want her to wreck a decent quilt top. After she toiled on it a while I finished it and of course now its one of my favorites because of the areas of gigantic erin stitches. And also your surprise quilt for Susy is absolutely gorgeous and she is going to cherish it. Keep on creating!

  • Rachel

    I’m so glad Erin loves the quilt!! :) And I’m so happy you love my quilts! :) I’ve always loved quilts, and I remember you quilting when I was little. I remember the huge frame you had set out in your living room (perhaps it isn’t huge, but to a young girl it seemed huge!!).

    So funny about Erin’s hand quilting and now that’s your favorite quilt! :)

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