Blue is Hard

I figured that blue would be an easy color to match.  I have 2 bindings for quilts that are both blue, but different shades.  I took samples of the binding into the quilt shop with me to find thread to match.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a difficult time matching thread.  There were so many blues, but none that were perfect.  Instead of hunting for the perfect match at multiple quilt shops, I picked those that matched the best.

I seriously never thought finding the right color blue thread would be so hard!

3 comments to Blue is Hard

  • Jen

    well, you’re good. I would have just used white!If I don’t have the thread on hand, white gets used! (is that bad!) And to tell you the truth, I honestly don;t have much thread on hand!

    Oh I’ve been meaning to contact you. What size and brand needle do you use for machine quilting with the Sulky Blendables?? I bought a few spools of it and every single time I try to quilt with it my thread breaks and I have the HARDEST time with it. I always end up giving up and seam ripping what little works and then going with a completely different thread. I’m going to give it one last shot and with the needles you use and if it doesn’t work, then I’m throwing in the towel. Then I’ll be mailing you the spools that I have!

  • Rachel

    I hate when thread breaks, especially when quilting!!!! I use inspira quilting needles (75) and universal needles (80). Sometimes I think certain machines just don’t like certain threads. My local shop sells mostly Presencia thread, which is really good quality thread. But it kept breaking on me. I changed the needle and I still had problems. I talked to the ladies at the shop and they pretty much said it must be a needle problem, but I knew it wasn’t because I changed the needle and continued having problems. I switched to the thread at connecting threads and haven’t had a thread breakage problem since. Obviously my machine just doesn’t like Presencia thread, and since I cannot stand thread breakage, I only use Presencia to hand stitch bindings. Perhaps your machine doesn’t like the blendables…

    Good luck!!

  • Jen

    I use Connecting Threads thread as well. Love that stuff! And when I use pretty much any other kind I have problems. But NONE like the Blendables! Man, it’s so frustrating! I seriously am lucking if I get about 2 inches quilted before it breaks. Anyway, I’ll give it one more shot and see. if it doesn’t work, I’ll email you to get your address and send you what I have. I’m still finishing up the top.

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