30’s Squared

I am so in love with this quilt!!!  The pattern is so easy, I and am loving it.  It simply uses a layer cake plus yardage, and since I’m always looking for patterns to use with layer cakes, this one is definitely a keeper.

The post wash measurement is 52 x 63.

For the label I incorporated it into the backing design.  I used a Sharpie and wrote on the white fabric.

I don’t often get pictures of my finished quilts with their recipients, but I am hand delivering this quilt to the recipients tomorrow, so hopefully when I get back from vacation I’ll post some pictures of the hopefully delighted recipients with their quilt.

6 comments to 30’s Squared

  • CJ

    LOVE THIS!! I have a few undeclared layer cakes in my stash that I could see using for this! Is this a pattern you made up? Saw online? Bought?? Can you direct me to it please?? I am wondering how to get the white blocks to be the correct size with the print blocks. If someone has already done the math even the better! Thanks so much.

  • jen

    So cute! I love it! I see that it’s Snippets, but what is the backing fabric? It’s really cute!

  • Rachel

    CJ, I posted the pattern: http://southernquilter.com/2010/06/simple-layer-cake-pattern/ I “created” the pattern, but I’m sure it’s been done many times. It really is a simple pattern, and I just love it! I will definitely use this pattern again.

    Jen, I don’t know the line of the backing fabric, but it’s made by Timeless Treasures Fabrics. I used it on the Sruffily Snippets quilt too (http://southernquilter.com/2009/09/scruffily-snippets/). I got that fabric over a year ago on super clearance from Z &S Fabrics. At the time I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, but now I wish I had more. I’m sure it’s discontinued since I bought on clearance over a year ago. I also bought the same pattern in a turquoise color, so you’ll probably start seeing that soon! 😉

    Thanks for all the love ladies! :)

  • This is a beautiful layer cake quilt. Its simple but has a great look. The quilting on the quilt makes it really “pop” to highlight the quilts features.

  • Very interesting details you have noted, appreciate it for posting.

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