Date with Spring Flowers

I haven’t posted much about the Spring Flowers quilt, but it’s now pieced, quilted, and bound.  I had a date with the quilt tonight to finish the binding, and I had success!  It’s such a great feeling to finish the binding!  I still have to bury all the threads, then label it, then wash it, and then I can send it to its new home.

The colors in this quilt certainly remind me of spring, and I can’t wait for the new mama to open up this quilt for her baby girl!

When I finish this quilt up I’ll post about the changes I made to the pattern.

2 comments to Date with Spring Flowers

  • Jen

    Rachel! This looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! Looks like there may be some raw edge applique?? LOVE IT! When you post final pics be sure to share the pattern (if you used one!) and any modifications you did. I may want to make one of these someday!

  • Rachel

    Thanks Jen! You bet there’s some raw edge applique…my absolute favorite thing to do right now!!! And I will certainly share the pattern and modifications :)

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