Vintage Rose Flirty Skirt

I made my daughter an adorable layered skirt.  Each layer has a dropped gathered waist…big accomplishment for me seeing this was my first time gathering!  The top layer is a vintage rose floral pattern and the bottom layer is a dark and light pink stripe.  I love the fabrics together, and the skirt is super cute, but too short for my princess.

Live and learn.

I bought lots of different fabric to make skirts, so more are definitely on the horizon.

Vintage Rose Flirty Skirt:



2 comments to Vintage Rose Flirty Skirt

  • Jen

    SUPER CUTE!!! I love it! I wish I could sew clothes. I’m too lazy..don’t know what I’m doing, and know I’d get super frustrated, and when I can just run to a store to buy something already made,that’s the road I always take! 😉 but this is very adorable!

  • Rachel

    Thanks Jen! I’m with you on the running to the store to buy something already made, but with such cute fabric out it screams little girls’ dresses and skirts! :)

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