Urban Nature: Blocks 7 and 8

Here are blocks 7 and 8.  Block 7 took a ridiculous amount of time…something like 1.5 hours, yes hours!  The fabric was so stretchy.  I pieced all 4 sides of the green frame pieces with no problem.  I then pieced the top and bottom cream pieces with no problem.  I cut the left and right cream pieces to the correct size, but then when I sewed them on somehow I was coming out short.  So I removed all those stitches and resewed and it happened again!  By the third time I realized that the green fabric was stretching while I sewed which made the block longer than the cream fabric.  Once I figured this out I pinned the cream fabric liberally to the green fabric, and then resewed.  Boy am I glad that block is done!

8 down and 17 more to go. 🙂




Blocks 1-8

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