I’ve been working on a new quilt.  I’m excited about this quilt…raw edge applique.


Then last night as I was quilting I noticed that the bottom tension was loose.  I couldn’t figure out the problem.  It was already midnight, so I went to bed and figured I would deal with it in the morning.

Because I didn’t get much sleep last night (long story short: Steve is out of town and both kiddos were up separately during the night for extended periods of time) when I got onto my machine this morning I just started quilting.

Then it dawned on me that I never addressed the tension problem.

I turned the quilt over and it’s a mess.


Now I have to rip out nearly 335 inches of straight line quilting.  Arggggg!!!!!!!!

I tried to figure out the problem, but I couldn’t, and as I was packing up the machine to bring in it get repaired it dawned on me that I never rethreaded the needle.  So I pulled the thread out and rethreaded.  Problem fixed!  After hours of quilting and trying to figure this tension problem out it came down to simply rethreading!!!  Wish it would’ve occurred to me sooner.

Tonight’s task: ripping out all that mess! 🙁

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