Scruffily Snippets

Rachel of PS I Quilt had a tutorial for raw edge applique at the Moda Bake Shop.  Then when The Quilt Shoppe had a coupon, I used the coupon to buy the Scuffily kit in the Snippets line.


The kit came with a layer cake, charm pack, and a jelly roll.

The concept is simple: layer cake, top with charm, top with 2.5″ square (cut from jelly roll strip), and this is an easy quilt to piece.  This was my first attempt at raw edge applique and I really like the fuzzy raw edges.  It’s so darn soft!!!



The backing fabric is from my stash, but it certainly looks like it’s part of the line.  I decided to straight line quilt this one, and straight line quilting was not nearly as enjoyable as an all over meander or stipple, but it did get the job done relatively quickly, and after washing it, I really really like it.




The binding is scrappy…I chose 7 strips from the jelly roll.  This was my first scrappy binding, and I love how it goes with the scrappy feel of the quilt.


Note: the kit calls for using 36 layer cake squares, but I went ahead and used all 42–making the quilt longer.  Since the charm pack came with 40 charms, I ended up using 2 5 x 5 squares from my stash and I also threw in some of that stash fabric for the 2.5 x 2.5 squares for good measure.

Post wash measurement is 54 x 64.


I’ve been working on a new quilt.  I’m excited about this quilt…raw edge applique.


Then last night as I was quilting I noticed that the bottom tension was loose.  I couldn’t figure out the problem.  It was already midnight, so I went to bed and figured I would deal with it in the morning.

Because I didn’t get much sleep last night (long story short: Steve is out of town and both kiddos were up separately during the night for extended periods of time) when I got onto my machine this morning I just started quilting.

Then it dawned on me that I never addressed the tension problem.

I turned the quilt over and it’s a mess.


Now I have to rip out nearly 335 inches of straight line quilting.  Arggggg!!!!!!!!

I tried to figure out the problem, but I couldn’t, and as I was packing up the machine to bring in it get repaired it dawned on me that I never rethreaded the needle.  So I pulled the thread out and rethreaded.  Problem fixed!  After hours of quilting and trying to figure this tension problem out it came down to simply rethreading!!!  Wish it would’ve occurred to me sooner.

Tonight’s task: ripping out all that mess! 🙁

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Urban Nature: Blocks 17 – 25

Wednesday night through Thursday I was on a roll…determined to finish these blocks.  Now that the blocks are done I need to figure out the layout.

I also went to my local quilt shop and ordered this book.  It was recommended to me because the author makes king size quilts on her domestic machine by quilting in sections.  I’m not piecing the top together just yet, because I think some of the tips and strategies are to piece and quilt as you go, which decreases the bulk to maneuver through the machine.  I have no idea when the book will be in, but I’m looking forward to getting and reading it.   That said it might be some time before I tackle this quilting.

Here are the remaining blocks and possible layout (I had no idea my living room was such a mess until I looked at the last picture!)











Here’s the possible layout.  Do you know how hard it is to find a 100″ square piece of unoccupied floor in my house?  When I lay this baby out again I’ll have to move some furniture around in the playroom, because my living room floor is just not quite big enough.

Can you see the Ellie Fun quilt and Rocqua Rhythm quilt on my couch?  Love those quilts! 🙂

The wheels are also turning for the next project.  Stay tuned.

Urban Nature: Blocks 15 and 16

Blocks 15 and 16 are done.  Only 9 more to go!



I love how this block turned out, and unfortunately the photo really doesn’t do this block justice.  The flower is a charcoal grey color, and to bring out that color I chose a green fabric that has a lot of grey in it to be the initial framing fabric.  It really brings out the grey, and it looks really cool.

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Fabric Finds

I’m finding it hard to get motivated today.  I guess I should blame the long weekend, although I welcome long weekends with open arms!  Or maybe I should blame the weather…it’s pretty warm (ok, it’s down right hot), and it’s overcast.  The overcast gets to me much more than the heat, and it’s days like this I wonder how I ever lived in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s overcast for about 9 months of the year.

Anyway, my mailbox was stuffed this afternoon.

Stuffed with goodness.

A few weeks ago I ordered some layer cakes and charm packs from Cotton Patch Quilting.  The Snippets layer cakes were on closeout for only $15 each and the Sultry charm packs were on closeout for $5.  How could I pass it up?  Well, I didn’t, and I bought them out of the layer cakes and the charm packs.  And because my order got temporarily lost in translation (I blame cyberspace) they sent me 2 additional charm packs of the Hampton Blues.  Awesome!!!


Snippets layer cake

sultrySultry charm packs

hampton-bluesSurprise Hampton Blues

Not sure what I’m going to make with the Snippets layer cake, but perhaps one of these awesome paterns from Thimble Blossoms (pattern already ordered).  Perhaps a few of the Sultry charm packs will be made into a quilt that will be donated to a silent auction, and when I looked at the colors I realized that it goes perfectly with some Amy Butler fat quarters that I already have.  As for the surprise Hampton Blues, they are destined for a blue and white themed quilt that I’ve already started collecting fabric for.  The creative wheels are turning! 🙂

Oh, and on Friday I took Ellie to one of my LQS and we went to the basement, where the sales are.  They were having and extra big sale…all fabric in the basement was $4/yd.  I found this beautiful fabric by Free Spirit that retails for $9.50/yd and I just couldn’t pass it up seeing that it was reduced to $4/yd.  The next big question was how much to buy.  Sale fabrics have a minimum of 1 yd, but I really liked this fabric.  One of my next quilts is going to be a simple red and aqua squares (probably 4 inch squares), and this fabric would be perfect for the backing, squares, and/or binding.  So I did what any rational quitler does at a sale like this…I bought the entire bolt!  They only charged me for 7 yards (they guessed how much and then rounded down).  So for now the bolt sits next to my ever increasing fabric collection (no longer a stash, but a collection).


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Urban Nature: Blocks 13 and 14

After the long weekend of fun activities (but no sewing) I got back to sewing last night while watching the FSU Miami football game…great game!

I now have 14 blocks done.  14 down and 11 to go!




Blocks 1-14

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Urban Nature: Blocks 9 and 10

I’m working through the green framing fabric right now.  Then I’ll move on to the browns, and then the cream.  Here are blocks 9 and 10 for the Urban Nature quilt:



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Urban Nature: Blocks 7 and 8

Here are blocks 7 and 8.  Block 7 took a ridiculous amount of time…something like 1.5 hours, yes hours!  The fabric was so stretchy.  I pieced all 4 sides of the green frame pieces with no problem.  I then pieced the top and bottom cream pieces with no problem.  I cut the left and right cream pieces to the correct size, but then when I sewed them on somehow I was coming out short.  So I removed all those stitches and resewed and it happened again!  By the third time I realized that the green fabric was stretching while I sewed which made the block longer than the cream fabric.  Once I figured this out I pinned the cream fabric liberally to the green fabric, and then resewed.  Boy am I glad that block is done!

8 down and 17 more to go. 🙂




Blocks 1-8

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