It’s Snowing

Here’s another finished quilt that I will be gifting later in the year.  (wink, wink) 😉

I love the reds and aquas.

I love the pieced back of reds and greens.

I quilted this one with white thread, and the unwashed, and unlabeled quilt measures a 57″ square.




Pieced back


Up close


Fabric is It’s Snowing by Deb Strain for Moda

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Merry & Bright: More Than A Peak

Linda kindly asked me to reveal my Merry & Bright quilt, and since I’m 99.999% positive the recipient of this quilt does not read this website I figured it would be just fine to share it with all of you.

If you remember I started with a layer cake, and because sometimes I think simple is best, I decided to just sew the 10×10 squares together.  You really get to appreciate the entire line this way, and I really do love the simple squares.

I absolutely love this quilt, and I’m so glad I bought 2 layer cakes, because this way I can make one for us too…but that will have to wait because I have so many projects I want to do! 🙂

So here is the unwashed and unlabeled “finished project.”  It measures as a 57″ square (prewashed).






Up close



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Urban Nature

My sister-in-law, Jen, asked me to make a quilt for her and my brother-in-law.  They just moved into a new house, and they now have a guest room, and she would like a queen sized quilt for the guest bed.  Of course I am so honored that she likes my work enough to ask me to make it, but I have to admit I’m a bit nervous.  One, I’ve never made anything that big before, two there is no pattern for the quilt, and of course I hope the finished product meets whatever vision she has in her head about what it will look like.

She bought some beautiful scrap fabric –mostly linen and linen and cotton blends.  Did I mention I’ve never sewn with linen before?



Anyway, the scraps are all hand painted with a flower.




I ‘ve been thinking about how to design this quilt for days now, and I think I’ve finally designed the pattern.  It’s going to be pretty modern blocks that highlight the hand painted fabrics.  And it’s going to be 95 x 95.  She asked for 90 x 90, but I’m making it bigger to account for some shrinkage.

The name of the quilt is: Urban Nature.

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Rocqua Rhythm: Done :)

I love how this quilt turned out…so cheerful and fun.  It shrunk A LOT in the wash–a whole 5 inches!  With all the quilting it is a bit stiff, but that’s fine with me because I absolutely love it!







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Rocqua: Labeled

Sometimes the hardest part of finishing a project is getting started with the finishing touches.  That’s where I’ve been with the Rocqua Rythm quilt.  It was waiting patiently for me to sew the binding.  I determined that yesterday was going to be the day that I got started.

Much to my surprise I started and finished all within 4 hours!  I must be getting faster at hand sewing, because at a 65″ square it surely isn’t a small quilt.

Anyway, this morning I put the label on, and as I type this it is getting washed.  Not sure if I’ll have pictures up today, because the light is bad—it’s been pouring for the last 9 hours and I think it’s supposed to rain all day.  So until I get some photos up, I hope this tides you over.


IE Issues

If you are looking at this site on Internet Explorer there are issues with the pictures, and it makes the site look pretty bad.  I use Firefox, and my web designer guru (aka my awesome hubby named Steve) uses Chrome, and the website looks as it should in those browsers.

Hopefully we can these issues resolved soon! 🙂

Autumn Leaves Runner

On Saturday I took a class at my local quilt shop on how to make autumn leaves.  I love taking classes, learning new techniques, and talking with other quilter.

Autumn leaves are so easy!!  I had no idea!

The class was designed for a wall hanging, and quite frankly my walls are filled with photos of my kiddos, and any empty space is designated for more family photos, so I opted to alter the pattern and make a runner/table topper.  By the way, what is the difference between a runner and a table topper?

I’m usually not a fan of batiks, but I have had my eye on the pink/brown prints and the blue/brown prints, so I decided to use those, and I absolutely love how it turned out.


The runner/table topper looks great on my table too, and the dimensions (16 x 39) are perfect for my table–I didn’t want something too big or long as I didn’t want it to hang over the sides.


Since I tried a new design, I also wanted to try some new quilting.  I did stipple the 2 inch border, but the rest of the runner/table topper quilting is so cool…not sure what you call it, but I’m certainly going to do this technique again when I do a quilt of just squares (from charm packs).  The intention was for all the lines to be curved, admittedly there are some straighter lines than I would’ve liked, but heck, for the first time, I think it looks great!


Apple Binding

7 1/2 hours and 25 filled bobbins later (that is not a typo…it took 25 bobbins to finish this quilt!!!), I finished quilting the Rocqua Rhythm quilt.  As I mentioned here, my stippling is getting tighter, and it keeps getting tighter.  I certainly need to figure out a way to go bigger with my quilting.  I hope I can prove the lady in my local quilt shop wrong when she said “once you go small you can never go back.”

Even though it took me a very long time to quilt, I do love how it turned out.


Anyway, now it’s on to the binding.  I now have the binding attached to the front, and now I need to hand stitch the binding to the back.  I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to do this (perhaps because it took so long to quilt), but hopefully I can get the binding done soon, because I absolutely love this quilt!

Quilting the Rocqua Rhthym Quilt Top

Quilting the Rocqua Rhthym quilt top is taking a very long time and a lot of thread.  I chose pink thread as it blends really nicely with all the colors.  Ethan, my five-year-old, said “Mommy, the pink thread doesn’t look good on the green color fabric.”  But I think it looks really nice.

Here’s a half quilted block: