Do You Label?

I haven’t labeled any quilts yet.  I know you are supposed to, but honestly it seems like so much work.  But then I found these awesome custom labels from Sweet Water, and thought I’d give them a try.  I love them!!!  So easy to design and use.  They are iron-ons, and after you iron them on, you  simply stitch around the edges.  I chose the label that gave me the space opportunity to write something in, and it turned out great.


I will definitely be using these on ALL of my quilts!

3 comments to Do You Label?

  • Jen

    That’s really cute! Do you sew through the whole quilt to attach when it’s completed? Or did you sew it to the backing before quilting. I’ve only done one label and I followed crazymomquilts suggestions. I actually gave away a quilt recently and I completely forgot to label it!

  • Rachel

    I sewed it through the whole quilt after the quilt was quilted and bound–this way I could position the label exactly where I wanted it. If you don’t want the stitching through the front of the quilt you could always hand stitch around the label and just stitch through the backing and the batting.

    Amanda Jean’s (crazy mom quilts) has a great tutorial for quilt labels, but it was more work than I wanted to do 😉

  • Misty

    I do label all my quilts with the name of the pattern, the name of the fabrics, the year I made it, and my name. I once had someone at a class show and tell joke that if you don’t label it then someone might steal it :)

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