Ellie Fun Quilt Top

The Ellie Fun quilt top is now done, and I love it.  The elephants are just adorable.  The pattern was pretty simple, and it didn’t take long to piece.  Now I have to figure out what color thread to use for the actual quilting.  Any ideas?





I pieced the back with all the leftover fabric and bit from my stash, and I love how the back turned out.

2 comments to Ellie Fun Quilt Top

  • Misty

    I really like that pattern. The quilt turned out really good and I love pieced backings. I would use a red thread to quilt it if it were mine.

  • Rachel

    Thanks Misty! :) I put red thread on the quilt top and it was just too much for my taste, so I opted for the light lime green that matches the lime green in all the fabrics.

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