Whale Of A Good Time

Love this sweet baby boy quilt!!!  Hopefully the mom to be will love it as much as I do!

I’ve used this pattern many times, and it never gets old. Pattern: Snapshot from Happy Hour by Atkins Design.

Post wash measurement: 35 x 44.










Polka dot binding…swoon!


A Hope and a Wish

I’ve been waiting so long to make this sweet quilt!  I’ve had the fabric for years, and I finally got to make it for a sweet baby girl named Hope.

Post wash measurement 34 x 43.







Striped binding…swoon!


Label and binding

Figgy Pudding

I started this quilt in February, 2015.  I made the all the blocks, pieced the front and the back, sandwiched the quilt, and pin pasted it, and then it sat pinned until October 2016.  With the holidays approaching I figured it was as good a time as any to pick this project back up, so I quilted it and finally finished the binding in December, 2016.  It felt so good to quilt this baby and finally finish it!!!

See all those pinks?  Those fabrics were NOT pink until I washed the quilt (I even used color catchers!!)!  Those pinks were originally whites, and the oddest part of the color bleed was that it only bled on the whites from the fabric line and not on the Kona white squares.  Too strange.  I do like the new look with the pinks, though, so I think I’ll keep it! 🙂

Pattern: Aunt Polly’s Porch from Moda Bake Shop.

Post wash measurement: 63 x 77






Blocks on front


Striped binding


Monkeying Around

I love making baby quilts.  They are usually pretty quick and satisfying to make.  I had a challenge for this baby quilt, as it was for a girl, but the parents didn’t want anything girly…so no pinks or purples.  Definitely a challenge, since most juvenile fabrics are either “boy” or “girl” fabrics, which is frustrating.  I found this adorable monkey fabric that wasn’t overly “boy” and it in fact has some girl monkeys, and I happen to think the focus fabric is adorable!

There’s not pattern for this one.  I simply cut strips and arranged them so they looked good.

Post wash measurement: 38 x 49.






Close up of the back


Cute girl monkey on the front


Label and binding

Oh Boy!

Here’s a sweet baby boy’s quilt.  Oh how I love to make baby quilts!!!  This cute one is being delivered to the mama tomorrow morning.  Hope they enjoy!

Pattern: Snapshot from Happy Hour by Atkins Design

Post wash measurement: 35 x 43.








Think Pink

I made this very special quilt for a dear friend of mine who is fighting breast cancer.  We stayed the weekend with them last month, and it was so much fun to give this quilt to her in person!  Love you Holly!!

Pattern is Radio Wave by Jae Bird Quilts.  Made with 2.5 inch strips.  Love this pattern!

Post wash measurement: 58 x 66



Back (on the left): completely different fabric line, but it works!

Striped binding: my favorite

Summer Lovin’

Yay…another finished quilt (made the blocks in 2009 and pieced the top in 2011)!!!!  So happy this is done, and looking at it, I don’t know what on earth took me so long to finish it!

I’m loving the turquoise, orange, and pink combination!  Primary fabric line is Summer in the City by Urban Chicks for Moda, but there are lots of other random fabrics as well.

Post wash measurement: 68 x 68.


Pieced Back






Cottage Romance

It’s 2015.  I first started this quilt in 2009, but at least I finished it! 😉  The pattern is Jelly Filled by Camille Rosekelley.

I think it turned very soft, feminine, and sweet.

The post wash measurement is 56 x 62.






Winter Wonderland

I’ve had the Merry & Bright fabric by Sandy Gervais for over 5 years in my stash (gasp)!  I finally broke into the layer cake and made this quilt, and boy am I glad I did.  I love it so much, and I also love love love the pattern.  I used the Simple Layer Cake Pattern, except I made it bigger.  The piecing comes together so quickly too for an added bonus.  I used this pattern for 30’s Squared.

Prewash measurement: 67 x 76
Postwash measurement: 65 x 71


Back with some front

Love me some striped binding!